Content Roadmap

The goal of Data Science for Finance program by Finance Train is to teach you how to extract meaningful insights from financial data using powerful tools such as R programming, Python, SQL and other data analytics tools.

The course library is meant to be comprehensive covering all aspects of data science which includes:

1. Fundamentals of Data Science
2. In-depth R Programming
3. In-depth Python Programming
4. Quantitative Methods and Statistical Knowledge
5. Finance Concepts

Everything is divided into short courses with each course focusing on just one aspect that you can master with ease. Our course library is growing rapidly with atleast one new course being added every week. In all the courses, all the examples are related to finance in areas such as portfolio management, risk analysis, trading, and others. We will also have many project-based courses where we will apply our knowldege to real-life situations such as building trading algorithm, credit risk modelling, bond valuation, portfolio management, and forecasting. This will continue indefinitely and we will hopefully have the world’s most comprehensive library of content and resources to learn data science for finance professionals.

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